The Phoenix Schools Elementary Enrichment Programs

Our after school enrichment programs help develop your children’s interests beyond the school day.

Our Programs

Specialty Programs

Throughout our school, you will see students involved in our ‘specialty’ classes on a daily or weekly basis.  Each specialty provides students with experiences that round their education.  As public schools are facing reduction in core instruction, The Phoenix Schools, Private K-8, remains committed to providing children with classes above and beyond core curriculum.  The classes below are offered on a weekly basis to students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  As students move into sixth grade, beginning with the 2011-12 school year, the specialty classes will be adjusted to meet the changing needs of our student population.

The beauty of art is not only a pleasure to look at, but art has been shown to have academic benefits especially when tied to the core curriculum.  Our art program is tailored to each grade level to ensure integration of learning.  Art is linked to improved visual and spatial skills, hands on problem solving, risk taking as students benefit from working a multi-stepped project to completion.  Our annual art show is an opportunity for parents to see their student’s beautiful creations as a result of specific instruction. Each year, we have student art selected for display at the Crocker Art Museum.

Physical Education
Physical education spans motor skill development, develops positive interaction with peers, and teaches cooperative skills necessary for team sports.  Students benefit from instruction in PE as it helps to develop coordination necessary for fine motor skills.  PE provides students with a structure in which to learn lifelong healthy habits.  Students in all grades receive PE instruction with the amount of time increasing as students reach the higher grades.

Foreign Language
Foreign languages are more easily learned in youth than in later years.  Children learn language through exposure to different sounds and hearing the language spoken.  They  learn through songs and games.  Beginning in kindergarten and going through 8th grade, students are provided with Spanish instruction building their vocabulary and gradually working into the grammatically correct components of the language.  Throughout, students learn about the culture, they hear stories written in Spanish, and evolve into and through completion of Spanish 1, in preparation for Spanish 2 in high school.  Spanish in grades K-6 is taught weekly, with students in Grades 7 & 8 receiving Spanish daily.

Today’s world is technology driven and our students will not know a world without technology at their fingertips.  Our  focus provides students with the skills to accurately utilize technology, to understand the software for a particular application, and to be proficient in basic skills in order to excel in their use of technology within curricular areas.  Our technology plan development will provide students with access to technology within their classrooms, not just in a lab setting.

Our continually expanding library offers an opportunity for students to select from rich literature for their pleasure reading.  In the primary grades, the library provides the books necessary for research into topics of choice.  In order for students to love reading, they have to be provided exposure to and the opportunity to read as often as possible.  We see a school full of students reading, discussing literature, enjoying the quest for knowledge – our library supports that vision!

Music is an important aspect of our human spirit. Music elicits memories and assists with memory.  Music is the integration of science into real life!  Music represents the application of math in life!  Every measure in a musical piece is an example of fractions and whole numbers. Patterns develop in musical compositions. At The Phoenix Schools, Private K-8, this music development takes place by exposing the children to listening selections, movement, rhythm, melody, form, and harmony.  This approach creates excitement about the music, promotes understanding and builds self-confidence.  Our goal is for students to interact in an environment that is structured and self-motivating at the same time.

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