The Phoenix Schools Elementary School

The right elementary school can make a profound difference in a child’s future.

6th - 8th Grade

Articulation to High School

The Phoenix Schools, Private K-8, endeavors to provide the finest education possible for each child who walks through our doors.  As we emerge into a full K-8 program beginning in August of 2011, we can look to our students who were with us for much of their elementary education.  Many have returned to tell their teachers that they were highly prepared for the challenges of high school, mostly as a result of the high academic expectations and the focus on the use of the Life Skills.

As our staff invests energies into the development of a program that will expand and enhance our students’ abilities, the articulation to high school will lead the discussions.  We look to our expansion as a solid stepping stone for our students who will enter high school in 2012 and each year thereafter.  The knowledge they will attain while with our program will exemplify the learning necessary for success.

As high school entrance exams for private schools or placement exams for public schools are scheduled, we will work provide necessary information to our students and their parents for their family’s smooth transition to the next level of education.  Look to this web-site for specific information regarding articulation to high school as the 2011-12 school year gets underway.

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